domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

Kevin Barnes.

She was there and she was there again, she told me that I was her inspiration for so many things and I couldn't understand all the things that she said to me, 'cause the music was too loud.
I understood that I was special for her and when she hugged me she kissed me, so I laugh and remembered my song, she was such a crazy girl, a fine girl.
She told me I was someone who knows how to hug and that she had writed a letter to me, they tell me that she was very ansious to talk to me and I think everything was just.. nice.
ps.: of course that this is an dream.

2 comentários:

BVP disse...

Sinto sua falta.
E eu nem te conheço.
Não sei pq eu disse isso, mas também não achei motivo pra não dizer.
Um beijo Ferdi.

Chu disse...

gostei =]
mesmo (peguei sua mania de falar "mesmo" xD)
posso compartilhar no meu blog (e em um outro que divido com amigos)? *awesome_face*